The Connected Home of the Future

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Our devices are coming alive with cognition to improve and simplify our everyday lives, giving us a smart home.

Even the act of sleeping has become a source of data and opportunity for optimization. But in many ways. the future is already here. Let’s take a walk through the home of tomorrow, a home with a mind of its own.

A Morning in the Smart Home

You arrive home after a long day of work. Luckily, the commute is now a relaxing affair thanks to self-driving cars. You use the extra time to catch up on the news and take advantage of built-in seat massagers.

Opening the front door to your house, you are greeted by your robo-dog. It’s a worthy innovation that both you (and your now-spotless carpets) can be thankful for.

You make your way to the kitchen for a snack. The screen on your fridge displays a breakdown of its contents as well as the freshness of your food.

When you run low on a particular item, the fridge places an order on your weekly grocery list. Delivered by drone, of course. The fridge also suggests recipes based on its contents and your personal tastes, solving the quandary of what to have for dinner.

After you finish eating, you leave your dishes for the robo-dog, who will clean them (some things never change) and put them away.

You head to the living room to watch TV and kick back on the couch. You ask your smart home hub to choose a movie for you, and it brings up that buddy cop movie you’ve been dying to see.

Smart hubs make it easy to interface with all of your living room components: thermostat, speakers, security, and even entertainment systems.

Whether you want to listen to music, lower the temperature, or make sure your front door is locked, smart hubs make it simple to create the perfect atmosphere.

In the Evening

After watching TV, you head to the bathroom to freshen up following a long and tiring day.

Naturally, bathrooms also have seen an upgrade with smart mirrors that act as an extension of your physician, right in the home. The smart mirror uses optical sensors to gauge heart function and other metrics, encouraging you to take charge of your health.

Finally, it’s time for bed. Your smart mattress has heated up or cooled down to the perfect temperature, and after you crawl in, the mattress starts a timer to dim the lights. As you sleep, the smart bed measures how often you toss and turn so it can later report on sleep quality, allowing you to get the most out of your rest.

The mattress is connected to your smartphone’s alarm, and wakes you when it detects the lightest sleeping patterns to avoid a jarring awakening.

Getting out of bed prompts the smart coffee machine to brew a cup to your liking, and have it ready when you get downstairs to start a new day in this connected world.

While complete transition to a smart home is forthcoming, many aspects are in development or already on the market.

Houses will become so much more than just a roof over your head, as they monitor health, help prepare meals, and just plain make life easier.

While the technology will continue to evolve, as long as you have robo-dog by your side, you’ll still feel right at home.

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