The Life of Texmark Chemicals CEO Doug Smith

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Chemical processing and manufacturing at Texmark Chemicals


Galena Park, Texas


Loyola University (BA)

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On the Refinery of the Future

Our industry is slow to change, reluctant to embrace technology. And we at Texmark feel that the only way that we’re going to be able to move forward to get a competitive edge is to embrace the technology that is out there and apply it to the different processes that we employ here at Texmark.

This means working with industry leaders within technology to help us do things like analytics on pumps, to utilize video as a sensor, to use different handheld and wearable devices to know where our personnel are on premises. And then to put all that information into a total asset management tool. These are things that are going to help us move forward into the future.

His Leadership Values

Be kind. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, compassion over criticism. Those are critical. Do those things, and you are effective.

On the Importance of Having Fun

We have the gift of life. We’re alive, and we can impact other people’s lives. You spend half your life at your job. It should be fun. You should enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be fun all the time, and life is not full of fun all the time, but you want to try to make the best out of it.

Reading Material

I just finished  an  interesting  book  by a Tibetan monk from France. It’s called Learning Happiness, and this book deals with a lot of different topics of leading a happy life. How does happiness apply to a leadership style? It applies to a leadership style of being approachable, being open to what people have to say to you, and improving listening skills. When I think about ways that we can all move forward together, listening to each other allows us all to learn to obtain happiness together.

On His Father’s Influence

My dad founded Texmark 50 years ago.

He was an entrepreneur. He was ahead of his time in terms of being inclusive, being willing to take chances on ideas, on different projects. I look up to him and how he taught me to know that it is OK to fail. It is OK to run into problems and have long valleys of things not working out the way that you think they should work out. The stick-to-itiveness that he taught me has been invaluable in my personal journey.

His Keystone Habits

I make my bed every day. I shave every day. These foundation practices allow me to come home at the end of the day, if I’m lucky enough to come home, and have a freshly made bed, to approach people looking like I’m here, I’m listening to you, I’m ready to go.

On the Importance of Listening

The people out there turning wrenches and keeping us going, they have great ideas all the time, and it’s imperative that we as leadership listen to their ideas because they’re the ones that are out there.

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