Elevator Pitch: Instant Meeting Scheduling with x.ai

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Scheduling meetings is a pain—finding a time that works for everyone, keeping all the participants in the loop, dealing with cancellations and rescheduling. (Phew, just typing that.)

x.ai is a productivity tool powered by artificial intelligence that syncs with digital calendars and automatically handles the tedious stuff listed above.

Workplace technology, a space with greater urgency as many companies transition to completely remote teams (x.ai has been an all-remote team for more than a year).

x.ai elevator pitch

The average person spends several hours a month on tasks related to scheduling meetings. This time spent has a real cost for the individual and their business. x.ai helps you streamline that process by handling the mundane for you.

Like all technologies, it may come down to adoption. If some team members are slow to adopt the platform, it won’t be as effective. “We’ve found that the most successful x.ai users are ones who commit to changing their behavior,” says co-founder Dennis R. Mortensen. “These people are motivated to solve their meeting scheduling pain and they want to establish a new routine as a result. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our platform is user-friendly for meeting hosts AND their guests. You’re not going to use a product your guests hate! We actually monitor guest satisfaction closely, and we’re proud that guests rate us an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.”

“Just like when we moved all our files to the cloud (e.g., Dropbox), and just like when we all started to sign our contracts digitally (e.g., DocuSign), it seems equally inevitable that we will all use software to help schedule our meetings in the not too distant future. As that happens, a new market for approximately 90 million knowledge workers in the U.S. alone opens up. That in and of itself is interesting, but one of the more exciting things for us (and our current investors) is the natural network effects. The product gets better simply by more people using it, which suggests a moat can be created around the business.”

CC your AI scheduling assistant on an email and tell them to find a time to meet. They’ll instantly pull a list of available times, based on your preferences, and send them to your guests to choose from. Need to reschedule a meeting? Click the x.ai link in your calendar invite and choose a new time frame for the meeting. And when you schedule a meeting with another x.ai user, the AI compares everyone’s availability and preferences to schedule the meeting instantly.

At any given time, x.ai employees work across six different time zones.

x.ai’s blue-chip investors include IA Ventures, Firstmark, Two Sigma Ventures, SoftBank Capital, DCM Ventures, and Pritzker Group. The company revisited its cap table a year ago and has seen overall growth since, citing June 2020 as their best month ever for usage (most meetings scheduled).


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