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Vol. 17 // 2021


Building One on the HyperWerx campus

In May 2021, SparkCognition announced the opening of Building One on its new HyperWerx campus, the world’s first aerial-terrestrial autonomy integration facility where cutting-edge physical artificial intelligence products and systems are designed, prototyped, integrated, and tested.

Spread over more than 50 acres of land, the facility is a focal point for SparkCognition and its partners, who seek to deliver safe AI products that can solve critical problems in the real world. Located in the Greater Austin Area, HyperWerx serves as a premier showcase for practical demonstrations of autonomy use cases across both commercial and defense applications.

In this regular section, Cognitive Times will feature some of the exciting systems being built and tested at HyperWerx. But first, here is a look into why HyperWerx was created.

The vision for the entire HyperWerx campus is to create an AI ecosystem that involves several partners focused on exploring the art of the possible with AI and other exponential technologies. HyperWerx will explore many facets of AI capabilities–ranging from the development of robotics platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles, to the integration of terrestrial and aerial systems, and extending to applications in commercial and defense industries. While plans to further develop the entire campus are already in motion, the opening of Building One at HyperWerx will allow SparkCognition to begin deploying complex sensors, fleets of drones, radars, integrated aerial and terrestrial autonomous systems, and much more.

SparkCognition’s experimental monitoring system located at HyperWerx

SparkCognition’s xFrame UAV flying at HyperWerx

SparkCognition’s xFrame UAVs at HyperWerx

SkyGrid mission on the Raytheon Intelligence & Space MARS air traffic controller workstation

The HyperWerx facility currently includes participation from founding partners SkyGrid and SparkCognition Government Systems. Current and future partners of HyperWerx will also use the facility to explore new systems and deliver cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

SparkCognition will continue to develop the HyperWerx campus, adding more facilities and innovative courses to support the vision of SparkCognition and its HyperWerx partners.

Building One on the HyperWerx campus

Curious to see what all the team is up to at HyperWerx? Keep an eye out for new videos on the HyperWerx YouTube channel or visit https://www.sparkcognition.com/hyperwerx/

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