A Tech-Savvy To-Do List

Action Plan

Vol. 15 // 2020

Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet is a beautiful documentary about Earth and the future we are heading towards. A must watch in our opinion, and easily streamable on Netflix.

Poem Portraits by Google is a fun interactive poem generator. You put in a word and the algorithm trained over 20 million words of 19th century poetry generates your unique poem.

Check out this amazing visual introduction to machine learning! Sometimes animations and visuals give a much better overview of a concept and we love this explanation on R2D3.


Re-Work is offering a new Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit on 28-29 January 2021. The tracks offered are timely and compelling. From ethics and social responsibility to enterprise AI and deep learning. We have this marked on our calendars!


Read this dynamic book by Scott Page and learn how to apply models in various scenarios. A great, approachable book on the subject. Want to dig deeper? Try the associated course on Coursera.


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