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Vol. 16 // 2021



The AI Summit is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence event series for business. They will be organizing shows in many cities during 2021, including London, NewYork and Cape Town to name a few. We’re hoping they take their event virtual as well. Looks like a very interesting series!



Competing in the Age of AI has received rave reviews and has been recommended by many leaders. It’s certainly on our booklist!

– Named one of the “Top Ten Technology Books Of 2020” — Forbes

– Named one of Bloomberg’s “20 Best Books on Business and Leadership”

– Named one of 16 New Business Books You Need to Read in 2020 by Inc. magazine

– Need we say more?



2020 gave us plenty of opportunities to revisit some old, really good movies and documentaries. One of our favorites is Moneyball. Moneyball shows the amazing power of predictive analytics and its applications in the world of sports. In this film, statistical methods are used to pick the best team of undervalued players with a minimal budget. Moneyball shows the importance of data in decision making and choosing the right statistics when creating predictive models. But more importantly, it shows the possibilities when stakeholders show the courage to make decisions based on analytics. Data can truly make a difference!

Moneyball is easily streamable on Netflix.




If you’re looking to brush up on some statistics skills, the online specialization, Statistics with Python on Coursera is a great way to start. The courses included are very practical and cover many examples from the world of statistics. The university of Michigan School of Information has done laudable work in designing and structuring their courses. Another specialization worth mentioning is Statistics with Python, which features beginner friendly content that starts with the basics




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