AI Augmented School Security is here!


Vol. 7 No. 3 // 2023

SparkCognition conducted an event highlighting the use of visual AI to augment school safety, “School safety: Preventing School Shootings with AI.” This school safety demonstration showcased AI’s ability in

  • detecting real-time threats
  • providing actionable insights
  • offering enhanced situational awareness
  • generating automated responses

School administrations and safety professionals attended the live-action demo. Many other educators and Austin communities joined them at the Hyperwerx facility to discuss the deployment of visual AI for safeguarding our children, teachers, and other school staff.

AI perfected for school safety

125+ use cases, including:

  • weapon detection
  • perimeter security
  • unauthorized entry
  • suspicious activity
  • slips, trips, and falls
  • facial/vehicle Identifiaction

Todd Peters, Chief of Safety & Security at the Adelson Educational Campus, and Travis Motal, Director of Secondary Education for Liberty Hill ISD, met at the “School Safety: Preventing School Shootings with AI” event at HyperWerx.

“I think everybody here today would agree that present-day security threats and events are increasingly prevalent. We live in a very dangerous world. Shootings in schools are happening more often. The perpetrators are more creative, and they’re much more dangerous.”

-Todd Peters

Adelson Educational Campus Chief of Safety & Security

“An AI-enabled approach is a fundamental game changer, we believe, to the safety of our students.”

Stephen Gold

SparkCognition Chief Marketing Officer

Travis Motal stated that Visual AI Advisor’s ability to empower administrators and security staff with insights from visual AI creates the best ‘barrier of time’ against active threats at the school.

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