At Time Machine Interactive 2022


Vol. 7 No. 2 // 2023

Major General (ret) Kimberly Crider, Managing Director of AI Innovation for National Security and Defense at Deloitte, presenting at Time Machine Interactive 2022

At SparkCognition, we create AI solutions that make the world smarter by predicting outcomes. We make it safer by preventing cyber attacks. We make it sustainable by optimizing processes. At our annual Time Machine event we demonsrated some of these key capabilities live for the event attendes and showcased how AI is making an impact in our physical world.

Autonomous Aviation Takes Flight


Organizations are pressed to ensure operational effectiveness and safety. But managing large facilities and remote locations can be daunting, creating unnecessary risks, costs, and accidents.


Automated Al-driven aerial surveillance covers territory quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Autonomous flight is redefining site inspection, safety, and security. Maintain visibility and awareness of your expensive assets in real time by combining the flexibility of aerial surveillance with the analytical power of artificial intelligence. Whether it’s staying apprised of oil and gas pipeline conditions, evaluating agricultural crop health, or simply checking your perimeter security, the combination of drones and Al accomplishes far more than manual surveillance by your employees ever will.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Computer Vision / Tactical Deconfliction / Autonomous Flight Control

SparkCognition CTO Sridhar Sudarsan presenting visual AI at Time Machine Interactive 2022

Real-Time Perceptive Insights


Staying apprised as situations develop in real time and protecting people, property, and assets, can be overwhelming and compromise intended outcomes.


Autonomous flight collects real-time sensor data to identify selected targets and their location and status, enabling safe and efficient operations.

Launch search-and-rescue, maintain situational awareness, and track critical assets by using an integrated system of drones, sensors, and Al-enabled insights. Rapidly processing real-time data feeds, you can do everything from pinpointing ground targets to keeping your people out of harm’s way, even in low or zero visibility conditions.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Multi-Sensor Aggregation / Autonomous Operations / High Dimensional Data Analysis

SparkCognition team presenting Digital Maintenance solutions at HyperWerx

Industry 4.0: Al at the Edge


Unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and sub-optimal processes can compromise productivity, adversely affect revenue, and add incremental costs.


An Al-enabled maintenance solution can detect anomalies, predict future outcomes, and optimize productivity, driving bottom-line performance.

Long gone are the days of walking the factory floor or sifting through a sea of alarm notifications to understand the health of your facility. Instead, get an up-close look at Industry 4.0 and how Al and machine learning are monitoring operations, mitigating false positives, and notifying you days or weeks in advance of any potential issues. Keep your plant running at peak performance and your workers safe with next generation Al technology.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Anomaly Detection / Sensor Fusion / Performance Optimization

Augmented Intelligence: Closing the Skill Gap


Workforce retirement and a global talent shortage, combined with growing asset complexity, jeopardizes operational reliability. The result can be anything from idled equipment and plant shutdowns, to grounded aircraft and stalled operations.


Digital Maintenance Advisor upskills the maintainer workforce and helps ensure that commercial and defense operators remain mission capable.

Become an engineer in seconds and repair a missile engine with your own hands with real-time assistance from augmented intelligence. Maximize mission readiness by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically extract critical maintenance information from unstructured data sources like tech manuals and flight logs. Identify important corrective actions while minimizing unnecessary activities, directly addressing the challenge of reduced skills availability.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Guided Operator Assistance / Multi-Data Optimization/ Natural Language Processing

Actionable Al in Health and Safety


There are more than 300 million occupational accidents every year worldwide costing employers over $170M.


Proactively notify managers of workplace issues, alert employees to safety violations, and maximize health and productivity, all with the power of Al.

You can have a factory of the future, where Al enhances worker safety in hazardous environments through the automatic detection of personal protection equipment like helmets and safety glasses, and by ensuring controlled access to high-risk areas of a facility. Both health and productivity are maximized by proactively notifying managers of discrepancies and alerting workers to safety violations.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Real-Time Alerting / Visual AI / Decision Support

SparkCognition CEO Amir Husain presenting at Time Machine Interactive 2022

Greater Insights: Data Mining


Traditional models of extracting actionable insights from unstructured historical and real-time data take a significant amount of time, staff, and training.


Natural language processing (NLP) reduces unstructured information to its essence, delivering the insights you need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Organizations today are inundated with information but lack the insights to understand what to do. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that 80% of available data is unstructured, like that found in product manuals, service tickets, repair bulletins, and business advisories. And the problem is only accelerating as things become more intelligent, instrumented, and interconnected. Natural language processing (NLP) makes sense of all the data, learning with each iteration and action, so organizations can take informed actions.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Semantic Analysis / Next-Best Action / Natural Language Processing

Live Demonstrations at the Time Machine Interactive 2022

Beyond Transportation: Fleet Optimization


Traditional methods of managing and scheduling large maritime fleets are laborious, error-prone, and don’t respond well to real-time changes.


Maritime Shipping Advisor integrates data sources, constraints, and business rules, to optimize routes, schedules, and resources, all with a single click.

Operate a maritime fleet at peak capacity using Al-powered analysis. Control and optimize your maritime fleet operations in the presence of many constantly-changing variables, e.g., geopolitics, weather, port availability, and fuel prices. While traditional methods are laborious and error-prone, Al provides flexibility to respond to rapidly changing conditions.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Dynamic Events Monitoring / Automated Risk Mitigation / Route Optimization

Renewables: Achieving Net-Zero


Renewable energy challenges like yaw misalignment, pitch bearing failure, and solar panel soiling, can compromise collection, increase operating expense, and negatively impact profitability.


Al systems monitor and analyze real-time performance data from turbine, solar panel, and storage assets to enhance performance, predict problems, and enable proactive operations and maintenance.

The race to net-zero is on, and the only way to win it is through a commitment to increase availability of renewable energy like wind and solar. Al is helping optimize wind turbine and solar panel production, as well as battery storage. Technology is helping global organizations and governments reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their net-zero commitments.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Predictive Maintenance / Prescriptive Maintenance / Production Optimization

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