A new Chief Data Officer at the Army Futures Command

Led by General John Murray, The Army’s Future Command (AFC) is a US Army organization that seeks to bring modernization and transformation to our warfighters. A command centered around exploring the potential of leading-edge technology for our armed forces, AFC brings together some of the greatest minds in the US military and technical communities. To […]


Ai and machine learning concept stock photo containing intelligence and copyright Tzido Gallery via Creative Market Industry: Federal Government Consulting Location: Tysons, Virginia An interview with Joshua Wilson, Senior Vice President, Service Lines & Technology at LMI On LMI, Its Mission, and How It Got Where It Is Today In 1961, influenced by the advice […]

Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Image courtesy of Koenigsegg Industry: Automotive Location: Ängelholm, Sweden On Koenigsegg, Its Founding, And Its Mission Bearing its founder Christian von name, Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a brand built on a dream. Captivated by cars at a young age, Koenigsegg began his journey as an innovator, builder, and designer with an unwavering commitment to create […]

Cybersecurity for the Automotive Industry

Neurone network, copyright iLexx via Creative Market A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO VEHICLE SAFETY Cars are an integral part of modern society, but they are not without their issues. Maintenance problems and breakdowns ranging in severity from inconvenient to dangerous have long plagued car owners. Now, as cars become more computerized and connected, hacking poses a […]

AI in the Financial Sector

Business intelligence, financial, copyright Rikkyal via Creative Market Jezri Mohideen Wholesale Chief Digital Officer, Nomura Merging Science and Finance 1996 was a promising year for the finance industry. Technology paved the way to a new and exciting field known as financial engineering. A field that allowed engineers to apply technical methodologies that result in unique […]