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The Next Space Race is AI … and We’re Losing it

Nearly 60 years ago, then-Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson seized his colleagues with a stark Cold War warning. Whoever wins the space race, he predicted, would gain “control, total control, over the Earth for purposes of tyranny or for the service of freedom.” The United States won that race by reaching the moon and […]

The OODA Loop: Why Timing Is Everything

  Warfare is undergoing a shift of a historic magnitude. As countries invest more heavily in battlefield technology, countries without AI in their arsenal will find it increasingly difficult to compete. It may seem like a stretch to claim that AI will soon become a prerequisite for military success. But the truth is that AI […]

On Hyperwar

Originally published in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine.  2 January 2018: Abandon Ship The battle damage was devastating, and constituted the beginning of what the United States soon would discover was a widespread, strategic attack. The guided-missile destroyer had not recognized that its systems were under cyber-attack before the situation turned kinetic. The speed of […]

AI on the Battlefield

Autonomy is coming to warfare, and some would say it’s already here. Weapon systems driven by artificial intelligence algorithms will soon be making potentially deadly decisions on the battlefield. This transition is not theoretical. The immense capability of large numbers of autonomous systems represents a revolution in warfare that no country can ignore. As we […]

But What About AI Smart Buildings?

The Importance of IoT-Enabled Structures in Smart Buildings People have always sought to make sense of the environment and utilize resources to enhance their safety, comfort, and well-being. It is no different in the growing world of IoT and the evolution of how brick-and-mortar buildings are moving from solely providing shelter to having increasingly complex […]

We Need a Strategy For Autonomous Weapons

AI policy and technology go hand in hand. That connection is especially true when it comes to autonomous weapons. Artificial intelligence is too profound a development and too gigantic a shift to merely be a story about technology alone. AI certainly represents the epitome of our technical prowess, but its implications are far-reaching and go […]