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Cancelling Flight Delays: AI Aircraft Maintenance

Not long ago, on a Sunday night like any other, I found myself waiting in a terminal at the Charlotte airport for a connecting flight. As most 21st century travelers have come to expect, the boarding process didn’t begin on time — but as most of us dreaded — our momentarily postponed boarding queue turned […]

Honest Dollar, Fintech and the Fish That’s Eating the Whale

  We met William Hurley, aka Whurley, on a Friday afternoon at WeWork, one of many national co-working franchises growing in popularity. The office buzzed with activity from the consultants, entrepreneurs, and fintech startups housed there. Yet the Honest Dollar founder — who was addressing a deluge of emails armed only with a mobile keyboard […]

The Future of Fintech

“When you think about a bank, or when you Google one, what’s the image that comes up? Usually a Greco-Roman temple. But when’s the last time you went to a bank that looks like that?” Ripples of laughter move through the audience of young professionals. She then moves to her true question: “When’s the last […]