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The Connected Aircraft: GE’s Vision Fueled by AI

The modern aircraft is transforming at an unprecedented rate thanks to recent advances in technology. With data storage and computing power on an exponential rise, the future of the connected aircraft is pretty mindblowing. In this video, Jordan Hefferan, Director of Digital Services at GE Aviation, talks about some of the projected capabilities we can […]

Startup Challenges: What Frustrates Entrepreneurs?

All startups face their share of challenges and as an entrepreneur, you just accept that stress comes with the territory. But why do some challenges cause more stress than others? In this video, Mohammed Ashour explains why he believes facing the same challenge over and over can cause frustration, and to be fully engaged, employees […]

You Need to Know: Lars Atle Andersen

Not many executives in the oil and gas industry visit Silicon Valley darlings like Google and Spotify for inspiration—but Aker BP is a company that wants to do things differently. Lars Atle Andersen is the vice president responsible for making sure the company stays true to those tech aspirations. Created only in 2016 after a […]

Product Management 2.0: Lessons from Google in Building AI Products in the Software 2.0 World

In November 2017, the Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Tesla wrote a post on Medium stating that neural networks “represent the beginning of a fundamental shift in how we write software.” Rather than coding rules line by line for each module, neural networks are trained on labeled data which they use to discern their […]

5 Under-the-Radar Feats of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has applications in a wide range of industries, but often the focus is on famous wins like AlphaGo or an exciting potential use still many years in the future. This leads many to say that AI is not delivering on its promises to revolutionize the human experience. We don’t yet have artificial general […]

The Future of Protein: Crickets and Microlivestock

The first time Mohammed Ashour ate a cricket was on live TV. He was on air that morning in 2013 to represent his company, Aspire Food Group, whose model for farming bugs — or euphemistically, “microlivestock” — had landed in the finals for a million dollar social entrepreneurship prize. But Ashour had never actually eaten […]

How Do You Convince People to Eat Crickets?

Mohammed Ashour is the co-founder and CEO of Aspire Food Group, a vertically-integrated agriculture and food company that addresses global food sustainability by developing the most advanced insect farming technology in the world. Aspire was founded in 2014 after Mohammed led his team to win the largest business prize in the world—the prestigious US$1 million […]

The Ethical Algorithm

AI’s calculating algorithms are often touted as the unbiased, exact answer, but recent cases of people failed by an automated system question this notion. How can we keep AI ethical? Artificial intelligence (AI) is often touted as the enlightened path to decision-making free of human bias. Whereas we humans are subject to favoritism, nostalgia, racism, […]

Cooking With Chef Watson: AI in the Kitchen

After years of mastering the world’s most challenging games, predicting failures on crucial industrial equipment, and defending against destructive cyber attacks, artificial intelligence (AI) has picked up a surprising new challenge: cooking. It may seem improbable that AI could be applied to something as personal as taste, but there may a logic to flavor combinations. […]

Robert Work Envisions the Path Forward for AI

On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, dubbed Sputnik, into Earth’s orbit as the world watched in awe. This metal sphere, only the size of a beach ball, ended up spurring a technological “space race” between two competing adversaries and created a tension that has lingered for decades. The Sputnik […]