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How Will Militaries Make Better Decisions Using AI?

Dr. Greg Hyslop is the Chief Technology Officer of The Boeing Company and Senior Vice President of Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology. Hyslop oversees Boeing’s technology vision, strategy and investment, and leads Boeing’s Engineering function of more than 56,000 engineers worldwide. His organization is an incubator for businesses that will define the future of urban, […]

What’s at Stake in the AI Arms Race?

General John R. Allen serves on SparkCognition’s Board as Executive Board Member. As one of the United States’ leading and most seasoned wartime commanders, Gen. Allen served the nation as a Marine Corps four-star General, and as Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). On 13 September 2014, President Barack […]

Robot Soccer Offers a Peek Into AI’s Future

Messi Vs. Ronaldo …or Mr. Roboto? On a hot Central Texas afternoon in the middle of June, members of SparkCognition’s marketing and communications team were spectators during soccer practice at the University of Texas at Austin. The players weren’t running up and down the field and they hadn’t broken a sweat — they weren’t even […]

The 3 Phases of BP’s Cognitive Revolution

A few key decisions can affect the entire course of your future. For Fereidoun Abbassian, Vice President of Technology at BP, getting caught in the middle of a political protest as a teenager in Iran was the catalyst for a life-shaping decision which would take him to England to finish his education. For large companies, […]

Up, Up, and Away with Downtime

Making Nonproductive Time a Thing of the Past Weatherford International has come a long way since its founding in 1941. Now employing some 30,000 people in over 90 countries, the company has become one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies. They deliver innovative technologies and services to meet the world’s current and future energy […]

Assembling IoT Systems

How Technology Partnerships are Enabling the IoT Finding the connective tissue between otherwise unconnected ideas is where the seeds of creativity can lie — a value sewn into Dr. Tom Bradicich at a young age by his parents. Bradicich’s father, in particular, taught him to always strive for excellence in everything he does. As the […]

Honest Dollar, Fintech and the Fish That’s Eating the Whale

  We met William Hurley, aka Whurley, on a Friday afternoon at WeWork, one of many national co-working franchises growing in popularity. The office buzzed with activity from the consultants, entrepreneurs, and fintech startups housed there. Yet the Honest Dollar founder — who was addressing a deluge of emails armed only with a mobile keyboard […]

The Future of Fintech

“When you think about a bank, or when you Google one, what’s the image that comes up? Usually a Greco-Roman temple. But when’s the last time you went to a bank that looks like that?” Ripples of laughter move through the audience of young professionals. She then moves to her true question: “When’s the last […]

Maintaining a Century-Old Trust with Cutting-Edge Cognition

Financial Forward-Thinking Chris Corrado was working at IBM as a programmer when he was approached by a recruiting fi‚rm specializing in placing mathematically minded personnel in ‚financial services ‚firms. ŒThey were looking for a quant. As outlined in the book, “Flash Boys,” large ‚financial organizations have been spending big on the best hardware and scooping […]

Atlas Wearables: The Personal Trainer that Fits on Your Wrist

In the realm of fitness and wellness tech, it’s one thing to have data about your health, and another to have the experience of a professional at your side. Trusting the Expert The best of the best know their field better than their peers and colleagues. They do this by immersing themselves in the data […]