A Holistic Approach to UAV Safety

Images courtesy of SkyGrid The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts the future of commercial UAS fleet by 2025 From autonomous drones to air taxis, the urban air mobility market has advanced rapidly over the last two to three years. These drones are performing real commercial tasks – they are delivering packages, conducting industrial inspections, providing […]


Image courtesy of SkyGrid A year after mandatory shelter in place restrictions have spurred American e-commerce, the domestic logistics industry is thriving. In 2020, more than 100 billion packages were transported and that number is expected to double by 20301 . However, along with this exponential growth, companies are facing increasing costs, unprecedented market demands […]

SkyGrid Flight Control

Images courtesy of SkyGrid Industry: Unmanned Aviation, Blockchain, AI Location: Austin, Texas As drone technology advances, its applications are evolving rapidly across the globe. Drones are delivering test kits and disinfecting outdoor surfaces to help fight COVID-19. They’re assessing hurricane damage and delivering aid to affected areas. And they’re surveying oil pipelines to inspect damage […]