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Vol. 16 // 2021

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Cognitive Times is in search of AI writers. In this section we publish all the pieces sent to us by candidates. In this issue we feature the work of Article Forge. This AI article generator was only provided the following information.

“The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) seems to be an interesting area of study. A survey of 250 senior executives who are very familiar with their own businesses uses of artificial intelligence reveals that three-quarters of them think that AI will significantly transform their businesses in the next three years. Nearly a quarter of them predict that artificial intelligence will lead to the creation of a new economic class of workers whose primary responsibilities will be to take care of AI solutions to business problems. Of these three, the most optimistic is the third, who sees that AI technology will help create a new market for high-end service providers, rather than having AI servers which perform routine tasks on behalf of human employees. It also predicts that AI technology will help reduce the costs of running an organization, especially in areas like customer support, human resource management, and payroll.

Art PVP – Market copyright cartoon volcanic via Creative Market

One of the most important areas of discussion involves the impact of artificially intelligent or smart machines on work. Several experts believe that the impact will be positive because artificially intelligent machines will replace many routine tasks. However, others are concerned about the impact of the technology on education and employment. They worry that AI-rich technologies will reduce the motivation of the human workforce because they will provide answers to every simple question, which will make them boring, as well as monotonous. According to these experts, the future of technology will usher in a ‘scorched earth’ scenario where those who remain in the know are left far behind.

If we want to understand fully the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies on human life, then it makes sense to focus on the ‘soft’ sciences, such as psychology, computer science, and cognitive science. The future of technology may look particularly bright if researchers can successfully apply the theory of brain memory, decision making, and decision technology to various fields. Researchers at the International Association of Artificial Intelligence conference in London recently said that they were on the verge of creating machines that are able to solve problems like language, speech recognition, natural language processing, and image processing. In fact, they claim that their artificial intelligence system called the Human Brain Machine will be able to understand, anticipate, solve, and predict almost all of the major practical and complex problems in computer science, medicine, and finance. These problems include weather prediction, stock market trading, traffic congestion, and even terrorism”.

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