An interview with Siri

We have a few questions for the world’s chatbots, virtual assistants, and other artificial users of natural language. Specifically, we have the questionnaire created by French TV host Bernard Pivot and popularized by James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio. This issue’s guest is the virtual assistant Siri, developed by Apple, Siri technology, and Siri […]

Interact with GPT-3

Natural language processing concept, copyright Visual Generation via Creative Market We are living in such exciting times! There are so many new scientific breakthroughs that are happening all around us all over the world. One of the hottest fields leading the way is AI. Scientists are writing faster and smarter algorithms; machines are learning and […]

Flyover Country (Part 1)

Watching her grandson stare out the air taxi’s window at the rolling green hills 3,000 feet below, Marie was surprised by the moment in suddenly realizing she saw something he simply couldn’t see. More than seeing it, she felt it as she scanned the Texas landscape looking for ghosts. Anger. Distance. Dislocation. He knew nothing […]

The Jetsons and NLP

Growing up I used to love watching “The Jetsons” on Cartoon Network. Funnily enough, “The Jetsons” used to come on right after “The Flintstones” and we would experience quite the time leap between the two shows. My favorite parts of the entire cartoon were the flying cars and Rosey the robot maid. Even though she […]

A Tech-Savvy To-Do List

SEE NOW AVAILABLE Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet is a beautiful documentary about Earth and the future we are heading towards. A must watch in our opinion, and easily streamable on Netflix. TRY NOW AVAILABLE Poem Portraits by Google is a fun interactive poem generator. You put in a word and the […]

SkyGrid Flight Control

Images courtesy of SkyGrid Industry: Unmanned Aviation, Blockchain, AI Location: Austin, Texas As drone technology advances, its applications are evolving rapidly across the globe. Drones are delivering test kits and disinfecting outdoor surfaces to help fight COVID-19. They’re assessing hurricane damage and delivering aid to affected areas. And they’re surveying oil pipelines to inspect damage […]

Gil Gur Arie

Images courtesy of Ford Motor Company Join us as we talk to Gil Gur Arie, Chief Data and Analytics Officer (GDI&A), Ford Motor Company CT: Gil, congratulations on joining Ford as the company’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer. Please tell us a little bit about your background and the journey that got you to your […]

The Challenges of Unstructured Data

DeepNLP TM unlocks the information hidden in unstructured data. 80% of all data produced is unstructured. This includes PDFs, books, journals, audio, video, images, notes and many other media. The amount of data this translates to is beyond human comprehension. So much information that is waiting to be deciphered and put to use. So much […]

Elevator Pitch

Images courtesy of Open Ocean Robotics We ask an up-and-coming venture to sell us on its vision. Company: Open Ocean Robotics Home Base: BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA Founded: 2018 Founders: JULIE ANGUS, COLIN ANGUS THE PROBLEM Getting ocean data is tough – it’s a dangerous, challenging and costly environment to operate in, yet a $2.5 trillion […]

Sameer Qureshi

We ask Sameer Qureshi, Director of Product (Software), Level 5, Self-Driving Division at Lyft, about the future of the automobile industry. COGNITIVE TIMES: What has your career journey looked like so far? Could you tell us a little bit about how you got to Lyft? SAMEER QURESHI: I’ve always been a software person. I went […]