Calling all AI Writers!

Art PVP – Market copyright cartoon volcanic via Creative Market Main Keyword: AI Supporting Keywords: Future, Technology, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence The title was also generated by the candidate. What do you think? Should we hire? Cognitive Times is in search of AI writers. In this section we publish all the pieces sent […]

A Tech-Savvy To-Do List

GO DURING 2021 The AI Summit is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence event series for business. They will be organizing shows in many cities during 2021, including London, NewYork and Cape Town to name a few. We’re hoping they take their event virtual as well. Looks like a very interesting series! READ […]

Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Image courtesy of Koenigsegg Industry: Automotive Location: Ängelholm, Sweden On Koenigsegg, Its Founding, And Its Mission Bearing its founder Christian von name, Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a brand built on a dream. Captivated by cars at a young age, Koenigsegg began his journey as an innovator, builder, and designer with an unwavering commitment to create […]

How AI can help us Explore the final Frontier

Space probes, Credit: NASA During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States were in a breathless competition, battling over supremacy in spaceflight. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to escape orbit and reach space in 1961, while Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first to walk on our […]

What’s Happening in Tech

Man wearing vr headset via CHARGING OVER-THE-AIR Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology unveiled an innovative way to utilize the surplus capacity of 5G networks and tackle the limitations of batteries. Using a Rotman lens-based rectifying antenna, the innovators recorded power harvesting at 28 GHz. The network efficiency is maximized by collecting all […]

Elevator Pitch

Image courtesy of Alethea Group We ask an up-and-coming venture to sell us on its vision. Company: ALETHEA GROUP Home Base: WASHINGTON, DC UNITED STATES Founded: 2019 Founders: LISA KAPLAN The Problem Alethea Group protects brands, companies, and individuals from online disinformation through our leading edge detection and mitigation capabilities. Our early detection enables companies […]

Jim Moffatt

Image Courtesy Jim Moffatt Jim Moffatt is the Former Chairman/CEO at Deloitte Consulting CT: Through your tenure at Deloitte, you worked closely with many organizations to execute digital transformations. What advice can you share with leaders on how to do this successfully? Moffatt: I tend to think of things in terms of who, what and […]

Flyover Country (Part 2)

Art PVP – Market copyright cartoon volcanic via Creative Market Part 2 …“Happy Birthday, Grandmaaaaa!” her 13-year old granddaughter Magdalene shouted to her. What a voice she had, Marie thought. She thought she caught a wildly waving arm gesticulating at her from inside a Boeing DM-6. This series of aircraft resembled what was once called […]


Image courtesy of SkyGrid A year after mandatory shelter in place restrictions have spurred American e-commerce, the domestic logistics industry is thriving. In 2020, more than 100 billion packages were transported and that number is expected to double by 20301 . However, along with this exponential growth, companies are facing increasing costs, unprecedented market demands […]