The Origin of Operations Research

World war 2 switchboard featuring switchboard, old, and pbx concept copyright Piranhi via Creative Marke I had completed a Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics before I made my way to the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a graduate degree in Operations Research (OR). It was not a common discipline to pursue and I […]

A Place where the Physical and Digital Worlds come together

AI IS REAL. HYPERWERX SHOWS YOU WHAT IT CAN DO. Building One on the HyperWerx campus In May 2021, SparkCognition announced the opening of Building One on its new HyperWerx campus, the world’s first aerial-terrestrial autonomy integration facility where cutting-edge physical artificial intelligence products and systems are designed, prototyped, integrated, and tested. Spread over more […]

A Brief History of AI (Part 2)

Image Sources: | TIMELINE 1986-2020 PART-2 1986 Mercedes-Benz van is the first driverless car that drives up to 55 mph clear roads. It was built under the supervision of Ernst Dickmanns at Bundeswehr University. Source:,1980s,h)%20on%20streets%20without%20traffic 1987 In the keynote speech of John Sculley, Apple CEO at Educom, a video named Knowledge Navigator […]

Paper – A Story (Part 1)

“I have to show you something. It’s for our show. We leave now.” On a weekend morning on Planet Lavenia, I received a text from Moli, my partner at the ‘Wonders + Adventures’ Channel. “Coordination, please. Be there in an hour.” “Not that close. Meet you there in two.” “Cool, see you there.” Our channel […]

A new Chief Data Officer at the Army Futures Command

Led by General John Murray, The Army’s Future Command (AFC) is a US Army organization that seeks to bring modernization and transformation to our warfighters. A command centered around exploring the potential of leading-edge technology for our armed forces, AFC brings together some of the greatest minds in the US military and technical communities. To […]

Technology Moonshots for a Prosperous America

Exponential technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence, will be the core driving force of the future. Economic growth, education, healthcare improvements, abundant clean energy and national security will hinge on the products and platforms that result from these technologies. Applied effectively, exponential tech can create domestic capacity to ensure an ever improving quality of life […]

Calling all AI Writers!

Vintage Robot writing with red pen. Isolated. Contains clipping path copyright Kirill_M via Creative Market Cognitive Times is in search of good AI writers who can help us! In this regular section, we publish some of the work from candidates we are considering. For this issue, we feature the work of Writesonic. Main Keyword: AI […]

A Tech-Savvy To-Do List

GO 19-20 OCTOBER 2021 Deep Learning Summit Toronto 2021 is a two-day event to be held on the 19th and 20th of October. The event aims at combining high-end technologies with real-world problems to solve the challenges faced by society. Academia and industry will come together to share case studies and highlight AI-based solutions for […]