Time Machine Quotes

“By 2030 they estimate that the market for computer vision will be $41.1 billion.” – Amir HusainFounder & CEO, SparkCognition, Author, Board of Advisors UT Austin Computer Science “Mastering the technology is not going to be the most important determinant of what we need to do with autonomy. It’s about how we approach that technology.” […]

At Time Machine Interactive 2022

Major General (ret) Kimberly Crider, Managing Director of AI Innovation for National Security and Defense at Deloitte, presenting at Time Machine Interactive 2022 At SparkCognition, we create AI solutions that make the world smarter by predicting outcomes. We make it safer by preventing cyber attacks. We make it sustainable by optimizing processes. At our annual […]

10 Vital Takeaways of AI at TMI 2022

At Time Machine Interactive 2022, speakers and panelists represented several different industries and a broad range of experience, but there was one common theme: AI. During the Time Machine Interactive discussions, here were 10 key takeaways on AI that stood out from the others. 1. Establish Trust The need for societal acceptance of systems. 2. […]

Decoding Regression (Part 2)

In the last issue of CognitiveTimes, we discussed the concept of regression and how models based on this concept are used to predict variables of interest. These could be anything, ranging from stock prices to real estate prices to weather prediction. We looked at a very simple example and then went over the mathematics behind […]

Calling all AI Writers!

Modified image – Robot writing with a pen copyright kjpargeter via Creative Market Cognitive Times is in search of AI systems who can contribute written articles! In this regular section, we publish some of the work from candidates we are considering. For this issue, we feature the work of “H-Super Tools”. Main Keyword: Artificial Intelligence, […]

Prof. Alex Dimakis Talks AI Dreaming at Time Machine Interactive 2022

AI Dreaming at Time Machine This image was created by the Open AI Tool (Dall -E) The future applications of generative models that could change the way we solve problems The Time Machine Interactive 2022 event boasted dozens of conversations on innovative and exciting new technological advancements, especially around artificial intelligence. Speakers shed light on […]

AI is Changing the Art Scene!

Ship made of flowers sailing on clouds These images were created by the AI code | Code model name: VQGAN-CLIP The Colorful World of AI Art Generative artificial intelligence algorithms have done amazing work in the creative realm of visual art. Now several AI-based image generation tools are available that allow anyone to experiment with […]

How AI is Helping Achieve Net Zero

Modified image – Smart industry 40 concept copyright iuriimotov via Creative Market The world has been talking about achieving net zero for years. There are forums discussing this at length, looking through data, and working with experts, and the jury is still out on whether it is truly achievable. The definition of net zero is […]

Bitcoin And Resonant Ideas

Adapted from an article that originally appeared on Forbes.com Modified image – Circuit board bitcoin cryptocurrency copyright kanawatTH via Creative Market I’m bullish on Bitcoin but my reasons are very different from what you might have heard elsewhere. My conviction has to do with what I’ve learned as a student of technology history and my […]

Keeping Humans in the Loop

Modified image – Cinematic portrait cyberpunk copyright kanawatTH via Creative Market Cognitive Time’s takeaways from General Robert Neller’s presentation at Time Machine Interactive 2022 At Time Machine Interactive 2022, the 37th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and the Chairman of the Marine Corps Scholarship Program, General Robert Neller, took to the stage to […]