Elevator Pitch


Vol. 16 // 2021

Image courtesy of Alethea Group

We ask an up-and-coming venture to sell us on its vision.



Founded: 2019


The Problem

Alethea Group protects brands, companies, and individuals from online disinformation through our leading edge detection and mitigation capabilities. Our early detection enables companies to proactively control their online sphere, before malign actors are able to dictate the next earnings call.

The Solution

We detect disinformation early, before it has a chance to impact an organization’s brand or bottom line. We use a combination of technology and subject matter expertise to provide a data driven solution that guides our clients and tailor our mitigation approach based on the clients goals.


Alethea Group operates in a cross-section of cybersecurity and communications by providing unique insights to our clients and organizations.

The Upside

At Alethea Group we take a holistic approach to responding to online disinformation. Each organization has different goals, and we use a data-driven approach to build strategies more effective in the overall goal of mitigating the impact of disinformation. We also support a variety of different response options, ranging from communications to legal action, so that our clients are able to address the problem at its source.

The Risk

We’re not afraid to take on the most sophisticated threat actors- -which is why we don’t talk about our clients publicly. We provide the necessary data so that major brands, high networth individuals, and the public sector are back in the driver’s seat to control their own message.

The Pitch

Alethea Group mitigates the impact of online disinformation through technology enabled solutions. We are the only firm that has experience going head to head with threat actors in settings like the campaign trail or the US Government.

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