Cognitive Times Vol. 7 No. 3 // 2023

Visual AI

Featuring capabilities of generative and visual AI, this volume features prominent AI tools and advancements. From school safety to industrial usage find out how visual AI is changing our landscape.

Cognitive Times Vol. 7 No. 2 // 2023

AI as a Catalyst for Creativity

This volume of Cognitive Times features Time Machine Interactive 2022 held in Austin, Texas. It highlights prominent speakers from the event, as well as discussions on the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Cognitive Times Vol. 18 // 2022

A World Defined by AI

This volume of Cognitive Times highlights huge breakthroughs of Artificial Intelligence in various industries and the latest trends in upcoming AI-based apps and business solutions.

Cognitive Times Vol. 17 // 2021

Born in Battle

This issue of Cognitive Times centers on the potential use and applications of artificial intelligence in defense

Cognitive Times Vol. 16 // 2021

Technology Takes Over

In this edition of Cognitive Times we focus on the many ways in which AI and a range of bleeding edge technologies are leading business transformation across various industry verticals.

Cognitive Times Vol. 15 // 2020

Can AI Truly Understand Language?

In the spirit of the perseverance of innovation, this edition of Cognitive Times takes you through many recent, exciting developments across a range of exponential technologies and breaks down how they are being applied to the industries that shape our world.

Cognitive Times Vol. 14 // 2020

Spotting the Next Pandemic

Many of us have grown accustomed to a world where disease is an afterthought, or at worst an inconvenience. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has caught much of the human population off guard.

This issue of Cognitive Times covers the myriad ways technologists, businesspeople, and ordinary individuals are lending their strength to coronavirus efforts.

Cognitive Times Vol. 13 // 2020

Stone Foundation

In this issue, we cover Peter Stone’s work in AI, how the classroom experience has changed using AI technology, and how artist Joao Beira uses AI to create masterpieces.

Cognitive Times Vol. 12 // 2019

Inside the Race to Prepare

In this issue, we cover the current and future state of cybersecurity and its critical role in ensuring a functioning society, the intersection of high performance clothing and technology, how artificial intelligence is helping publishers and screenwriters produce better work, and how automated model building is democratizing data science.

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Cognitive Times Vol. 11 // 2019

Global Connections

You could say that we’ve borrowed the motto of this edition of Cognitive Times from the Boy Scouts of America: “Be Prepared.”

In this issue, we celebrate the doers, the change agents, and those who embrace the future with both pragmatism and can-do optimism.

Cognitive Times Vol. 10 // 2019

Lone Star Liftoff

We’re excited to be sharing volume 4, number 2, of Cognitive Times with you. This issue coincides with SparkCognition’s 6th anniversary as a company, and the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and as we honor the milestones of technological advancement, remember to keep looking up…and always forward.

Cognitive Times Vol. 09 // 2019

La Revolución Digital

It’s a brave new world at Cognitive Times: the Cognitive Times enclosed here is a reimagined version, whose format will allow us to dive deeper into the artificial intelligence revolution.

But we’re not just here to talk about our own news. In this issue, we explore the companies pushing the digital envelope in Mexico, an offbeat food source that could help address global food shortages, the murky question of ownership for AI-created art, and much more.

Cognitive Times Vol. 08 // 2018

Raising Unicorns

On the heels of our second annual AI and future tech conference, Time Machine (, this issue continues the conversations about the many ways AI is already transforming society.

We interview the legendary John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco, explore the world of ethical data science, walk through how AI and the “Software 2.0” world have fundamentally changed technology, and much more. Enjoy!

Cognitive Times Vol. 07 // 2018

Facing the Reality of an AI Future

In this issue of Cognitive Times, you’ll read about how AI is impacting and will impact the real world — real as distinguished from the digital world.

We hope you come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the transformative confluence of our digital and real worlds. The power of technology lies in its ability to aid us in our collective evolution, and we are more committed than ever to building digital technologies for the benefit of the real world.

Cognitive Times Vol. 06 // 2017

AI in the Sky

This issue of Cognitive Times profiles our amazing partners, Boeing, Honeywell, and other leading companies who are committed to building the AI-powered world of the future with us. It is a fantastic journey—and we hope you join us.

Cognitive Times Vol. 05 // 2017

The New Resource

For some time now, management consultants and others who push big data solutions have been using the phrase, “data is the new oil.” Well, nowhere is this more true than in the O&G industry.

This issue of Cognitive Times will continue the discussion we’ve been having with leading O&G ecosystem players such as Dover Energy Automation, Flowserve, Total, Weatherford, Schlumberger, and others. The pages that follow will present the complex problems that O&G companies must solve, and the value of AI in solving them.

Cognitive Times Vol. 04 // 2016

Transforming Old Industries with New Technologies

Where did IoT—this network of embedded devices that increasingly pervades physical space—come from? Why is it happening now? We know a world covered in intelligent devices will enable a host of opportunities for citizens, businesses and countries.

This edition of Cognitive Times is dedicated to the Internet of Things. We hope you enjoy our unique take on the subject.

Cognitive Times Vol. 03 // 2016

Maintaining Century-old Trust with Cutting-edge Cognition

If there’s one industry that runs almost entirely on the fuel of protection and trust, it is financial services.

There is little doubt that the future of AI and the future of Finance are entwined. This issue focuses on how AI will transform this space, much as it is shaping other areas, such as energy and defense. We hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine.

Cognitive Times Vol. 02 // 2016

Leading the AI Revolution

If there is a broad consensus that very capable artificial intelligence is around the proverbial corner, much needs to be done from a policy, readiness and planning perspective to exploit the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

This issue of Cognitive Times is focused on the nation’s most experienced warrior, commander and strategist joining hands with a bleeding edge artificial intelligence company and the spectacular outcomes that are expected.