The Challenges of Unstructured Data

Tech Explainer

Vol. 15 // 2020

DeepNLP TM unlocks the information hidden in unstructured data.

80% of all data produced is unstructured. This includes PDFs, books, journals, audio, video, images, notes and many other media. The amount of data this translates to is beyond human comprehension. So much information that is waiting to be deciphered and put to use. So much data allowed to lie fallow.

Humans can understand this information of course, but they are not capable of handling data on the order of zettabytes. Analysis driven entirely by humans doesn’t scale, adds human error and is a waste of time and resources.

While machines aren’t naturally inclined to process unstructured data, they can be taught. Natural language processing or NLP is a field dedicated to teaching machines to use and understand language in a human-like fashion.

The recent machine learning boom has revolutionized the subject, allowing it to flourish in new ways. This is because machine learning revolves around creating algorithms that can learn beyond their initial instructions. This allows programmers to feed text into a machine learning program and let it glean the rules itself, often using probabilistic and statistical models to figure out usage in a more natural way. This makes improving the model easier. Feed it more text and let it learn in a manner similar to the human brain.

SparkCognition’s DeepNLP software digs deep into unstructured data using proprietary machine learning algorithms and offers insights and solutions.

Using deep learning, SparkCognition developed an advisory application for air – craft front-line maintenance staff. The application allowed technicians to conduct machine-to-human dialogue to troubleshoot asset failures and mechanical issues, with high accuracy. This solution lowered the cost of maintenance and improved asset availability by 10%.

This is just an example of what is possible when we learn to analyze unstructured data using NLP. To learn more about NLP and how it unlocks unstructured data for organizations visit:

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