Time Machine Quotes


Vol. 7 No. 2 // 2023

“By 2030 they estimate that the market for computer vision will be $41.1 billion.”

– Amir Husain
Founder & CEO, SparkCognition, Author, Board of Advisors UT Austin Computer Science

“Mastering the technology is not going to be the most important determinant of what we need to do with autonomy. It’s about how we approach that technology.”

– Major General Kimberly Crider (Retd)

“Right now working its way through Congress is a massive piece of legislation that will reorganize science and research across the federal government. It’s one of the bigger pieces of legislation of our lifetimes.”

– Tony Samp
DLA Piper Global Law Firm; Adjunct Senior Fellow for Technology and National Security

“It’s like life, you know, there’s opportunity and there’s always risk. And your ability to be successful is how you maximize that opportunity and manage that risk.”

– General Robert. B. Neller
Commandant of the US Marine Corps

“Now that data is being fed automatically into large databases, there’s some automated analysis going on before it gets to a human. And that has driven a lot of efficiencies in how the engineering team works.”

– Teresa Broussard
Manager Operation Excellence, Chevron

“Autonomy will continue to be the force multiplier on the battlefield.”

– Major General Kimberly Crider (Retd)

“Generative models are neural networks that can imagine things and beyond making fake LinkedIn profiles.”

– Alex Dimakis
Professor, University of Texas at Austin. Co-Director, Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning

“Use the human in the best place, use the machine to filter out the noise and bring that value to the human to make that decision factor.”

– Jarred Capellman
VP of Engineering – AI Foundation & Cybersecurity

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