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Why Hacks Still Happen: The Future of Cybersecurity

A new era of cybersecurity is dawning. AI and machine learning technologies are changing the way enterprises protect their systems and data. With hyper-intelligent machines on our side, one could easily imagine that organizations must feel invincible. Yet fears of devastating cyber attacks seem to be higher than ever, and not without cause. Just in […]

The Basics of Natural Language Processing

Where humans lack collaborative partners, we are creating them — not just with artificial intelligence but specifically with natural language processing. When we dream of hyper-advanced machines, from “2001: A Space Odyssey” to “The Jetsons,” we dream of them talking to us. WALL-E’s titular robot understood human speech, and his strained efforts to speak made […]

Are Robots the Harbinger of Innovation or Destruction?

Originally published on | 03.23.2018 Alarmist headlines abound on how AI and robots are stealing jobs from humans. The fears are spreading beyond concern over blue-collar jobs. Now there are greater worries that even white-collar jobs that require additional training and education will be replaced by artificial intelligence and AI-powered robots. Crunchbase News turned […]

How Far Will the Deep Learning Evolution Take AI?

Most world-changing discoveries follow an evolution of improvements after their “Big Bang” moments. The Wright brothers’ discovery — claimed by the Scientific American as the “birth of flight” — set off an era of aerospace research that delivered technical and commercial innovations within a few decades of the first flight. Many pundits are labeling Professor […]

Demystifying the AI Black Box

AI is at the forefront of technological progress. But with new, inconceivable levels of complex decision making, people are starting to wonder if we’ll be able to understand what’s going on inside the “black box” of machine learning. Consider the following scenario: A grocery store employee is responsible for ordering inventory and must place an […]

Phase Transitions: When a Model is Screaming Out that it Needs Revision

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about one particular sub-field of physics and how it might apply to modeling data. In general, the thing that has been on my mind is the area of statistical mechanics. That’s the study of how a huge number of particles in atomic-level physics can aggregate together into our […]