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Boeing Looks Beyond the Horizon in its Second Century

For the first time in U.S. industrial and financial markets, the top five companies by market cap are all technology companies: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. As internet pioneer Marc Andreessen remarked over six years ago, “software is eating the world.” And as SparkCognition’s Founder and CEO, Amir Husain, likes to add, “AI is […]

The 3 Phases of BP’s Cognitive Revolution

A few key decisions can affect the entire course of your future. For Fereidoun Abbassian, Vice President of Technology at BP, getting caught in the middle of a political protest as a teenager in Iran was the catalyst for a life-shaping decision which would take him to England to finish his education. For large companies, […]

Up, Up, and Away with Downtime

Making Nonproductive Time a Thing of the Past Weatherford International has come a long way since its founding in 1941. Now employing some 30,000 people in over 90 countries, the company has become one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies. They deliver innovative technologies and services to meet the world’s current and future energy […]

IIoT and Gas: All About the Customer

  There are companies which you come in contact with throughout your day without even realizing it. From the moment you leave your house in the morning, their products exist in the background of your life, quietly impacting your daily routine. Dover is one of these companies. The Dover Life When you stop at the […]

Assembling IoT Systems

How Technology Partnerships are Enabling the IoT Finding the connective tissue between otherwise unconnected ideas is where the seeds of creativity can lie — a value sewn into Dr. Tom Bradicich at a young age by his parents. Bradicich’s father, in particular, taught him to always strive for excellence in everything he does. As the […]

The New Industrial Revolution

Flowserve is Deploying Artificial Intelligence to Transform our Critical Industrial Systems George Washington gave the very first State of the Union address in 1790. That same year, as a nation was being born, Thomas Simpson, a civil engineer living an ocean away in London, founded a pump and industrial steam engine workshop and named it […]

General John R. Allen is Leading the AI Revolution

The Cognitive AI Movement Has a New Weapon In a 2015 speech delivered at the Willard Hotel, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bob Work, explained how the U.S. military was embarking on a major program. The new program is focused on driving innovation, cutting down development cycles, and maintaining the country’s edge over current and future […]