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Boeing Looks Beyond the Horizon in its Second Century

For the first time in U.S. industrial and financial markets, the top five companies by market cap are all technology companies: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. As internet pioneer Marc Andreessen remarked over six years ago, “software is eating the world.” And as SparkCognition’s Founder and CEO, Amir Husain, likes to add, “AI is […]

Incorporating AI into Marketing (and 6 Standout Tools)

At their core, sales and marketing disciplines are based on understanding the psychology of why people spend money. This behavior doesn’t always seem easily predictable, and although there are patterns in people’s spending behavior, many purchase decisions often change from day-to-day, seemingly sporadically. However, by applying artificial intelligence technology to the massive amounts of available […]

Cancelling Flight Delays: AI Aircraft Maintenance

Not long ago, on a Sunday night like any other, I found myself waiting in a terminal at the Charlotte airport for a connecting flight. As most 21st century travelers have come to expect, the boarding process didn’t begin on time — but as most of us dreaded — our momentarily postponed boarding queue turned […]

But What About AI Smart Buildings?

The Importance of IoT-Enabled Structures in Smart Buildings People have always sought to make sense of the environment and utilize resources to enhance their safety, comfort, and well-being. It is no different in the growing world of IoT and the evolution of how brick-and-mortar buildings are moving from solely providing shelter to having increasingly complex […]

How Secure is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world. Everything is connected and the amount of data available for consumption is growing exponentially. From a technologist’s view, this is an exciting opportunity. From a network administrator’s perspective, it’s terrifying. While the majority view IoT as an exciting buzzword, the network administrator understands that the connectivity […]

Honest Dollar, Fintech and the Fish That’s Eating the Whale

  We met William Hurley, aka Whurley, on a Friday afternoon at WeWork, one of many national co-working franchises growing in popularity. The office buzzed with activity from the consultants, entrepreneurs, and fintech startups housed there. Yet the Honest Dollar founder — who was addressing a deluge of emails armed only with a mobile keyboard […]

Transcended by the Machine: A Conversation with H.O. Maycotte of Umbel

Austin is quickly emerging as a hub of AI innovation. The city’s history as a collaborative space for startups companies — as well as the presence of the University of Texas and eager venture capitalists — have created a prime ecosystem for AI machine learning innovation and entrepreneurship. Artificial intelligence may seem like a foreign […]

Machines are Predicting What You’ll Buy

Your favorite retailer already knows what you’re going to buy next. Customer spending data is a goldmine of intelligent insight. Typically, a company will look at how you spend to determine how you are likely to spend in the future, and thus, how to target their marketing to your likely purchases. All of this is […]

The Future of Fintech

“When you think about a bank, or when you Google one, what’s the image that comes up? Usually a Greco-Roman temple. But when’s the last time you went to a bank that looks like that?” Ripples of laughter move through the audience of young professionals. She then moves to her true question: “When’s the last […]

Maintaining a Century-Old Trust with Cutting-Edge Cognition

Financial Forward-Thinking Chris Corrado was working at IBM as a programmer when he was approached by a recruiting fi‚rm specializing in placing mathematically minded personnel in ‚financial services ‚firms. ŒThey were looking for a quant. As outlined in the book, “Flash Boys,” large ‚financial organizations have been spending big on the best hardware and scooping […]