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China and its Growing AI Advantage

Maintaining a leadership position in any endeavor requires significant investment and creativity. This is especially true for an industry changing as quickly as tech, when the race to market can make or break an entire ecosystem. The United States received a harsh reminder of this in the 1980s when facing fierce technological competition from Japan. […]

On Hyperwar

Originally published in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine.  2 January 2018: Abandon Ship The battle damage was devastating, and constituted the beginning of what the United States soon would discover was a widespread, strategic attack. The guided-missile destroyer had not recognized that its systems were under cyber-attack before the situation turned kinetic. The speed of […]

AI on the Battlefield

Autonomy is coming to warfare, and some would say it’s already here. Weapon systems driven by artificial intelligence algorithms will soon be making potentially deadly decisions on the battlefield. This transition is not theoretical. The immense capability of large numbers of autonomous systems represents a revolution in warfare that no country can ignore. As we […]

We Need a Strategy For Autonomous Weapons

AI policy and technology go hand in hand. That connection is especially true when it comes to autonomous weapons. Artificial intelligence is too profound a development and too gigantic a shift to merely be a story about technology alone. AI certainly represents the epitome of our technical prowess, but its implications are far-reaching and go […]

General John R. Allen is Leading the AI Revolution

The Cognitive AI Movement Has a New Weapon In a 2015 speech delivered at the Willard Hotel, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bob Work, explained how the U.S. military was embarking on a major program. The new program is focused on driving innovation, cutting down development cycles, and maintaining the country’s edge over current and future […]