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The Future of Fintech

“When you think about a bank, or when you Google one, what’s the image that comes up? Usually a Greco-Roman temple. But when’s the last time you went to a bank that looks like that?” Ripples of laughter move through the audience of young professionals. She then moves to her true question: “When’s the last […]

Maintaining a Century-Old Trust with Cutting-Edge Cognition

Financial Forward-Thinking Chris Corrado was working at IBM as a programmer when he was approached by a recruiting fi‚rm specializing in placing mathematically minded personnel in ‚financial services ‚firms. ŒThey were looking for a quant. As outlined in the book, “Flash Boys,” large ‚financial organizations have been spending big on the best hardware and scooping […]

Analytics Firms Explore Oil and Gas Market

The oil and gas industry is facing an invasion of data analytics startups who saw a wide open gap in the market a few years ago, when talk of big data first began. Many of these young companies vying for attention are focused on alleviating the headaches associated with artificial lift systems. There are also […]

The Next Generation of Financial Computing

Big Data mines don’t come much bigger or deeper than MasterCard. The financial services corporation currently has some 2.3 billion cards in circulation. They’re accepted in 205 countries at 38 million merchant locations, generating an average of 160 million transactions an hour. David Rich, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships & Business Development at MasterCard, […]

General John R. Allen is Leading the AI Revolution

The Cognitive AI Movement Has a New Weapon In a 2015 speech delivered at the Willard Hotel, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bob Work, explained how the U.S. military was embarking on a major program. The new program is focused on driving innovation, cutting down development cycles, and maintaining the country’s edge over current and future […]

Building AI Models with Internet of Things Data

What’s the difference between most artificial intelligence (AI) companies and SparkCognition? At other firms, humans build models, at SparkCognition, we build models with algorithms. All About Algorithms Rather than roughing out one model and then doing a bunch of testing, SparkCognition continually tests and fits models to data accumulating in real time, an architecture that […]