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A League of Their Own

Let’s say it’s the year 2048. Nairobi is hosting the summer Olympics. The feel-good story of the games is about a paraplegic runner who regained function thanks to a surgically implanted brain-computer interface—and dogged perseverance, of course. She goes on to win the gold. Then the story takes a turn: Competitors allege that the neuroprosthetics […]

Digitizing Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it’s only in recent times that the ancient discipline has become popular among the masses. To put that in perspective, the number of Americans doing yoga grew by 50 percent between 2012 and 2016. To many the appeal of yoga is in the unplugging from it […]

Sports, Big Data, and AI at Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious tennis competitions in the world, having entertained sports fans for well over a century. With the first championships kicking off way back in 1877, it’s one of the longest-standing tournaments of its kind. But how does something steeped in history manage to recapture our excitement […]

The Driverless Future of Racing

Since the beginning of auto racing, the stars of the sport have been the drivers, whose skill and fearlessness make them internationally famous and fabulously wealthy. But what happens as the world moves closer to self-driving cars? Will racing be the same without these daredevils behind the wheel? That’s what Roborace aims to find out. […]

Robot Soccer Offers a Peek Into AI’s Future

Messi Vs. Ronaldo …or Mr. Roboto? On a hot Central Texas afternoon in the middle of June, members of SparkCognition’s marketing and communications team were spectators during soccer practice at the University of Texas at Austin. The players weren’t running up and down the field and they hadn’t broken a sweat — they weren’t even […]

Bringing AI to MLB

Ingrained in every player from Little League to the MLB is the idea that baseball is a mental game. Yogi Berra famously proclaimed, “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” Of course, games are won on the backs of the incredibly talented players residing in Major League Baseball. But series, divisions, and […]

Predicting NFL Success with Algorithms

Year after year, we see sports franchises aggressively seeking the strongest, fastest, most athletic players that can help them win. In fact, the NFL has built an entire industry on accurately scouting athletes transitioning from college to the pros. The measures taken by football clubs range from sending scouts across the nation to hiring economists […]

Building The AI Mind of a Golf Caddy

The peak of my golf career came sadly early. I was the “long hitter” of my high school team. However, when I continued to play in college, not even golf club technology could keep me up to distance with the guys in my group. So, I turned to the part of my game that came […]

Atlas Wearables: The Personal Trainer that Fits on Your Wrist

In the realm of fitness and wellness tech, it’s one thing to have data about your health, and another to have the experience of a professional at your side. Trusting the Expert The best of the best know their field better than their peers and colleagues. They do this by immersing themselves in the data […]