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Machines are Predicting What You’ll Buy

Your favorite retailer already knows what you’re going to buy next. Customer spending data is a goldmine of intelligent insight. Typically, a company will look at how you spend to determine how you are likely to spend in the future, and thus, how to target their marketing to your likely purchases. All of this is […]

Political Forecasting and Predicting the 2016 Presidential Election

We are in the midst of a presidential election season that has rewritten the way politicians view the history books, shifted how Americans look at their fellow citizens, and created seemingly unsurpassable rifts between them. However, regardless of whether a voter is Riding the Trump Train, Feeling the Bern or Is With Her, one basic […]

Atlas Wearables: The Personal Trainer that Fits on Your Wrist

In the realm of fitness and wellness tech, it’s one thing to have data about your health, and another to have the experience of a professional at your side. Trusting the Expert The best of the best know their field better than their peers and colleagues. They do this by immersing themselves in the data […]

The Next Generation of Financial Computing

Big Data mines don’t come much bigger or deeper than MasterCard. The financial services corporation currently has some 2.3 billion cards in circulation. They’re accepted in 205 countries at 38 million merchant locations, generating an average of 160 million transactions an hour. David Rich, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships & Business Development at MasterCard, […]