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Oil, Gas, AI and the Promise of a Better Tomorrow

The price of oil has fallen over 60% since summer 2014. With all of the negativity portrayed in the day-to-day headlines, many forget that the oil and gas business is one of the largest, most globally important industries in the world. All is not lost. In fact, there is much to gain. There is a […]

Building The AI Mind of a Golf Caddy

The peak of my golf career came sadly early. I was the “long hitter” of my high school team. However, when I continued to play in college, not even golf club technology could keep me up to distance with the guys in my group. So, I turned to the part of my game that came […]

Assembling IoT Systems

How Technology Partnerships are Enabling the IoT Finding the connective tissue between otherwise unconnected ideas is where the seeds of creativity can lie — a value sewn into Dr. Tom Bradicich at a young age by his parents. Bradicich’s father, in particular, taught him to always strive for excellence in everything he does. As the […]

Cancelling Flight Delays: AI Aircraft Maintenance

Not long ago, on a Sunday night like any other, I found myself waiting in a terminal at the Charlotte airport for a connecting flight. As most 21st century travelers have come to expect, the boarding process didn’t begin on time — but as most of us dreaded — our momentarily postponed boarding queue turned […]

We Need a Strategy For Autonomous Weapons

AI policy and technology go hand in hand. That connection is especially true when it comes to autonomous weapons. Artificial intelligence is too profound a development and too gigantic a shift to merely be a story about technology alone. AI certainly represents the epitome of our technical prowess, but its implications are far-reaching and go […]

AI on the Battlefield

Autonomy is coming to warfare, and some would say it’s already here. Weapon systems driven by artificial intelligence algorithms will soon be making potentially deadly decisions on the battlefield. This transition is not theoretical. The immense capability of large numbers of autonomous systems represents a revolution in warfare that no country can ignore. As we […]

But What About AI Smart Buildings?

The Importance of IoT-Enabled Structures in Smart Buildings People have always sought to make sense of the environment and utilize resources to enhance their safety, comfort, and well-being. It is no different in the growing world of IoT and the evolution of how brick-and-mortar buildings are moving from solely providing shelter to having increasingly complex […]

Predictive Analytics for Oil and Gas

Predicting Problems Before They Happen When I first heard of predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive security, I was skeptical. I am an engineer at heart. That means I thought condition-based maintenance was the only way to effectively look at predictive maintenance. You start with the physical asset, you deploy sensors to monitor critical components, […]

The New Industrial Revolution

Flowserve is Deploying Artificial Intelligence to Transform our Critical Industrial Systems George Washington gave the very first State of the Union address in 1790. That same year, as a nation was being born, Thomas Simpson, a civil engineer living an ocean away in London, founded a pump and industrial steam engine workshop and named it […]

How Secure is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world. Everything is connected and the amount of data available for consumption is growing exponentially. From a technologist’s view, this is an exciting opportunity. From a network administrator’s perspective, it’s terrifying. While the majority view IoT as an exciting buzzword, the network administrator understands that the connectivity […]