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An FBI Negotiator Translates His Tactics to the Boardroom

Most people wouldn’t think that negotiating the details of a new contract in a conference room compares with freeing American hostages in the jungles of the Philippines. But Chris Voss, one of the few people who has done both, says they’re more similar than you might think. Voss faced down terrorists as the FBI’s lead […]

AI Behind The Light Switch: The Future of Power Utility

The invention of the commercially viable light bulb is one of the iconic stories of 19th-century technology. Thomas Edison developed a personal and transformative vision, ran countless experiments, and emerged with not just a working prototype but also a lasting business empire that would serve as the model for the new utility industry. Today, however, […]

Winning a Game Show with Algorithms

Probabilistic reasoning is the heart of machine learning algorithms. For artificial intelligence to break out of the narrow contexts it was used for in the 20th century, it must be able to assign probabilities to events and objectively update those probabilities as new information arises. While probability theory is in the DNA of machine learning […]

The Driverless Future of Racing

Since the beginning of auto racing, the stars of the sport have been the drivers, whose skill and fearlessness make them internationally famous and fabulously wealthy. But what happens as the world moves closer to self-driving cars? Will racing be the same without these daredevils behind the wheel? That’s what Roborace aims to find out. […]

The New Reality of Cyber Threats

Erin Russell The world’s critical infrastructure — power plants, electric lines, water treatment facilities, and fiber optic networks — is seeing a major shift that increases efficiency, but opens up vulnerabilities. According to CyberX, at least one third of industrial sites overseeing the centralized operations of this infrastructure are connected to the internet. This interconnectedness has […]

Top 5 Hackable Habits You Need to Break

An outdated anti-virus isn’t the only reason hacks still happen. Everyday habits leave us vulnerable in ways we might never have imagined. Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself safe from hackers. 1. KEEP YOUR BOARDING PASS PRIVATE Hackers can gather sensitive information from your boarding pass, including your name, address, flight […]

Why Hacks Still Happen: The Future of Cybersecurity

A new era of cybersecurity is dawning. AI and machine learning technologies are changing the way enterprises protect their systems and data. With hyper-intelligent machines on our side, one could easily imagine that organizations must feel invincible. Yet fears of devastating cyber attacks seem to be higher than ever, and not without cause. Just in […]

Cooking With Chef Watson: AI in the Kitchen

After years of mastering the world’s most challenging games, predicting failures on crucial industrial equipment, and defending against destructive cyber attacks, artificial intelligence (AI) has picked up a surprising new challenge: cooking. It may seem improbable that AI could be applied to something as personal as taste, but there may a logic to flavor combinations. […]

The Connected Home of the Future

Our devices are coming alive with cognition to improve and simplify our everyday lives, giving us a smart home. Even the act of sleeping has become a source of data and opportunity for optimization. But in many ways. the future is already here. Let’s take a walk through the home of tomorrow, a home with […]

Art or Artifact: Music in the AI Era

The history of music is in many ways the story of humankind learning to make and master new tools. Banging rocks on wood led to animal skin drums, which led to primitive wind instruments over the course of thousands of years. In modern times, we’ve seen finely crafted orchestral brass and string instruments joined by […]