What is Cognitive Times?

Cognitive Times is an AI thought leadership magazine brought to you by SparkCognition, the world’s leading infrastructure-focused AI company. Published three times a year, Cognitive Times demonstrates AI’s widespread impact on multiple facets of life including consumer technology, national security, aerospace, oil and gas, and other technology-related fields. We also cover how AI is influencing culture in the arts, sports, media, and entertainment industries, among others.

In other words, Cognitive Times is your go-to for all things AI.

As with any major technological shift, there are two kinds of companies: those who embrace change and innovation and those who get left behind. Or as former CEO of Cisco John Chambers—seen on the cover of Cognitive Times Vol. 8—puts it: “Disrupt, or get disrupted.” New technology always brings a healthy mix of enthusiasm as well as unavoidable skepticism, but as an authority in this emerging space, we are committed to promoting a better tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform readers about our rapidly changing world and how their businesses can thrive in an AI-driven landscape. Cognitive Times is a timely and critical resource for C-suite executives, tech enthusiasts, and key decision-makers looking to put theory into practice with real-world applications of artificial intelligence.

We Strive To:

Lead the conversation on AI and future tech in the changing digital landscape.

Inform our audience about the latest news in AI, IoT, Big Data, and tech.

Show our audience how to transform their businesses and thrive in an AI-driven world

Your source for developments in AI, IoT and other exponential technologies.