Bitcoin And Resonant Ideas

Adapted from an article that originally appeared on Modified image – Circuit board bitcoin cryptocurrency copyright kanawatTH via Creative Market I’m bullish on Bitcoin but my reasons are very different from what you might have heard elsewhere. My conviction has to do with what I’ve learned as a student of technology history and my […]

Technology Moonshots for a Prosperous America

Exponential technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence, will be the core driving force of the future. Economic growth, education, healthcare improvements, abundant clean energy and national security will hinge on the products and platforms that result from these technologies. Applied effectively, exponential tech can create domestic capacity to ensure an ever improving quality of life […]

Flyover Country (Part 2)

Art PVP – Market copyright cartoon volcanic via Creative Market Part 2 …“Happy Birthday, Grandmaaaaa!” her 13-year old granddaughter Magdalene shouted to her. What a voice she had, Marie thought. She thought she caught a wildly waving arm gesticulating at her from inside a Boeing DM-6. This series of aircraft resembled what was once called […]

Ten Technologies to Watch in 2021

Neurone network, copyright iLexx via Creative Market Exponentials are often cited, oft explained, but seldom fathomed in full. It’s just not how the human brain is trained to think, since most of the real world phenomena that matter to us are linear. We age linearly, skyscrapers go up roughly linearly, and the progress of many […]

Flyover Country (Part 1)

Watching her grandson stare out the air taxi’s window at the rolling green hills 3,000 feet below, Marie was surprised by the moment in suddenly realizing she saw something he simply couldn’t see. More than seeing it, she felt it as she scanned the Texas landscape looking for ghosts. Anger. Distance. Dislocation. He knew nothing […]

Three Coming Shifts in AI

The Artificial Intelligence, copyright GarryKillian via Creative Market Nearly every new day brings exciting news in the field of artificial intelligence. But what larger directional trends do these news items drive? Beyond the announcements and the hype, is AI really evolving? In this article, I’d like to focus not on far-off, vague hopes and wishes […]

A Peek Into The Future of Aviation Dubai Airshow 2021

Adapted from an article that originally appeared on The UAE’s Calidus B-350 aircraft I just returned from the spectacular Dubai Air Show 2021. The event was invigorating, the conversations intense and the technology on display truly eye-opening. But this event was not just about new products and slick marketing. The sum of what was […]