Partner Spotlight: SkyGrid

Vol. 18 // 2022
Image Courtesy of SkyGrid

HyperWerx is a one-of-a-kind aerial-terrestrial autonomy integration facility where innovative products and systems are designed, prototyped, integrated, and tested.

SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company is using this center to combine autonomous vehicles, drones, sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve complex problems and demonstrate real world solutions.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid
Image Courtesy of SkyGrid

A look into some of the exciting systems being built and tested by SkyGrid at HyperWerx.

At HyperWerx, SkyGrid brings next-generation autonomous aviation to life – end to end. This includes generating optimal flight paths, conducting autonomous drone flights integrated with AI algorithms, combining data feeds with image enhancement technology and much more.

In October 2021, SkyGrid released a new autonomous remote UAV operations capability that allows flight managers and operators to control and execute flights from remote locations. Equipped with artificial intelligence and a broad array of third-party data feeds, SkyGrid is enabling safe remote operations for missions involving single and multiple drones. SkyGrid is partnered with Raytheon Technologies and has fully integrated with its Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution (MARS) to launch remote UAV operations at the HyperWerx location.

This facility is truly a place where companies can imagine, prototype, build revolutionary new systems, and explore the interplay between AI software and physical systems that accelerate our collective transition into a promising future.


SkyGrid’s remote UAV operation mission on the Raytheon Intelligence & Space MARS air traffic control workstation at HyperWerx.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid


Drone operator conducting a mission at HyperWerx

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid


A UAV ready for mission launch at HyperWerx.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid


Drone flight planning with SkyGrid Flight Control at HyperWerx.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid


Phantom Mavic pros at HyperWerx.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid


SkyGrid controlled UAVs ready for mission launch at HyperWerx.

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid

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