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General John R. Allen is Leading the AI Revolution

Kimberly Erler @CognitiveTimes Published Jun 20, 2016 13 min read The Cognitive AI Movement Has a New Weapon In a 2015 speech delivered at the Willard Hotel, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bob Work, explained how the U.S. military was embarking on a major program. The new program is focused on driving innovation, cutting down development […]

What’s at Stake in the AI Arms Race?

John King @JMK512 Published Aug 28, 2019 Artificial intelligence in warfare can be a touchy subject, but it’s still a conversation that needs to be had. As we’ve seen time and time again, technology waits for no one and the global AI arms race is no exception. In this video, General John Allen stresses the […]

How Will the US Military be Transformed by AI?

John King @JMK512 Published May 27, 2019 Artificial intelligence systems are transforming industries across the board, and the military is no exception. In this video, General John Allen talks about some of the ways AI is already enhancing US military capabilities. General John R. Allen serves on SparkCognition’s Board as Executive Board Member. As one […]

The Future of Protein: Crickets and Microlivestock

Erin Russell @CognitiveTimes Published Mar 4, 2019 33 min read The first time Mohammed Ashour ate a cricket was on live TV. He was on air that morning in 2013 to represent his company, Aspire Food Group, whose model for farming bugs — or euphemistically, “microlivestock” — had landed in the finals for a million […]

From the Reins of Cisco to Raising Unicorns

Holly Aguirre @CognitiveTimes Published Jan 15, 2019 21 min read John Chambers knows how to spot them. Market transitions, great leaders, technological shifts, and promising companies—the “unicorns” set to become billion-dollar enterprises. In 20 years as CEO at Cisco, Chambers helped at least 10,000 of his employees become millionaires. He oversaw 180 acquisitions. He grew […]

Boeing Looks Beyond the Horizon in its Second Century

Erin Russell @CognitiveTimes Published Dec 20, 2017 25 min read For the first time in U.S. industrial and financial markets, the top five companies by market cap are all technology companies: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. As internet pioneer Marc Andreessen remarked over six years ago, “software is eating the world.” And as SparkCognition’s […]

We Need a Strategy For Autonomous Weapons

Amir Husain @amirhusain_tx Published Mar 20, 2017 7 min read AI policy and technology go hand in hand. That connection is especially true when it comes to autonomous weapons. Artificial intelligence is too profound a development and too gigantic a shift to merely be a story about technology alone. AI certainly represents the epitome of […]

Honest Dollar, Fintech and the Fish That’s Eating the Whale

John King @JMK512 Caroline Lee @CognitiveTimes Published Dec 20, 2016 15 min read   We met William Hurley, aka Whurley, on a Friday afternoon at WeWork, one of many national co-working franchises growing in popularity. The office buzzed with activity from the consultants, entrepreneurs, and fintech startups housed there. Yet the Honest Dollar founder — […]

Atlas Wearables: The Personal Trainer that Fits on Your Wrist

John King @JMK512 Published Oct 20, 2016 17 min read In the realm of fitness and wellness tech, it’s one thing to have data about your health, and another to have the experience of a professional at your side. Trusting the Expert The best of the best know their field better than their peers and […]