AI in the Media & Entertainment Industry

The global AI market in the media and entertainment industry is expected to reach US$8.4 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 30.0% from 2018. Source: More Data Potential Use-Cases Content Recommendation Recommendation engines recommend content based on user interests. Responsive & Adaptive Gaming AI-powered interaction via non-player characters deliver a real gaming experience. […]

Partner Spotlight: SkyGrid

Image Courtesy of SkyGrid HyperWerx is a one-of-a-kind aerial-terrestrial autonomy integration facility where innovative products and systems are designed, prototyped, integrated, and tested. SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company is using this center to combine autonomous vehicles, drones, sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve complex problems and demonstrate real world solutions. Image Courtesy of SkyGrid […]

Paper – A Story (Part 2)

Modified image – Game Assets for Asteroids Crusher, copyright wowu via Creative Market “You made it now. You are no different from any Oamian artist in my opinion”. Moli smiled, “Eve should be proud of you.” Moli really meant it. Then her expression changed, her mouth wide open, “Oh wait, you are of course an […]

UAV-Based Seed Sowing

Modified image – World war 2 featuring, old, and pbx concept copyright Piranhi via Creative Market COMBATING DEFORESTATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE THROUGH DRONES The Deforestation Crisis: Trees are vital for our environment and provide a wide range of benefits. Trees absorb greenhouse gases and pollutants, while releasing clean Oxygen for us to breathe. They reduce […]

The Art of Making Enemies

Artificial intelligence concept, copyright iLexx via Creative Market “It’s cheating!” The involuntary protest was loud enough to be heard across the room over the chorus of a myriad of games at a mid-90s gaming arcade. Hearing this brought a strange glee to my then 10-year old face, as I stood next in line behind the […]

Calling all AI Writers!

Modified image – Robot hand finger pointing copyright iLexx via Creative Market Main Keyword: Language, Tone, Use-case Introduction: Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming theEntertainment Industry Supporting Keywords: Advantages of AI in entertainment, Impact of AI in entertainment, Automation in media and entertainment industry Below are the results. What do you think? Should we hire […]

Decoding Regression

One of the most exciting things about artificial intelligence is the capability to predict. Though these models still contain some degree of error, scientists are constantly working on better models and on collecting more data to diminish the prediction error as much as possible. Today we use these models to predict the stock market, the […]

Lord Browne

Image Courtesy of Lord Browne Lord Browne is Chairman of BeyondNetZero, a climate growth equity venture established in partnership with General Atlantic. He served as Group Chief Executive of international energy company BP from 1995 to 2007, having joined the company in 1966 as a university apprentice. He led BP through a period of significant […]

Trends in Industrial AI – Brian Schettler

Image Courtesy of Brian Schettler Mr. Schettler is a Partner at AE Industrial and leads AEI HorizonX, the venture capital platform formed between AE Industrial and The Boeing Company. Prior to joining AE Industrial in 2021, Mr. Schettler was a founder and Senior Managing Director of Boeing HorizonX Ventures. He led the Boeing venture capital […]

What’s Happening in Tech

Industrial Robot Arm, copyright kjpargeterimages via Creative Market ABNN Target Recognition Researchers in the United States and China published “The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America”, an attention-based deep neural network (ABNN) to improve underwater acoustics in sonar systems. The study employs single-target data to detect multiple targets and noise interferences of submarines and […]