10 Vital Takeaways of AI at TMI 2022


Vol. 7 No. 2 // 2023

At Time Machine Interactive 2022, speakers and panelists represented several different industries and a broad range of experience, but there was one common theme: AI. During the Time Machine Interactive discussions, here were 10 key takeaways on AI that stood out from the others.

1. Establish Trust

The need for societal acceptance of systems.

2. Ethical Guidelines

Belmont Report leveraged by academic community.

3. Autonomy is a Force Multiplier

Securing objectives and mission success with autonomous platforms.

4. AI Requires Reskilling

20% more effective than hiring and firing.

5. Data Matters

Use ‘smart data’ with right skills for 15% revenue hike.

6. AI Market is Agnostic

Independence, technical agility, and flexibility.

7. AI is Multifaceted

Combination of solutions to solve complex problems.

8. AI is not One Technology

Employ a multitude of technologies for problem solving.

9. Data Science, ML, and AI Critical

36% of companies agree it is a building block for future growth.

10. AI is almost 62 and it’s just getting started

20% annual grown anticipated in short-term future.

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